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There are surmountable amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in Alabama, here we have arranged a list of major licenses Alabama has to offer. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of Alabama has, you can expand your field from an adjuster license all the way to becoming a plumber. The following is a list of compiled major licenses which Alabama has to offer. If you’re having trouble figuring out your career path or how to progress through your career path, this list will give you assurance.

Alabama Adjuster License

In order to obtain your adjuster license in Alabama you are required to be 18 years or older. As an Alabama resident the first step in this process is to complete 20-40 hours of pre-licensing courses and then pass the state exam. You must then apply online for licensure, the license fee will be a total of $110. Your individual Independent Adjuster License must be renewed by the end of every biennial year based on your birth month and year. Once you have completed your pre-licensing courses and have passed the state exam, it is now your time for licensure.

Alabama Auto-Dealer License

In the state of Alabama you are eligible to apply for four different types of auto-dealers licenses; Retailer, Wholesaler, Rebuilder, and Re-conditioner. The first step in obtaining your license is to obtain a permanent business location as well as a permanent sign for retail dealers, retail dealers must also obtain a sales tax number to keep track of used and new sold vehicles. The next step is to obtain proof of liability insurance to purchase coverage on all the vehicles which belong to your business, otherwise your license may be revoked by the state. Auto-dealers are also required to maintain a valid bond, the bond amount depends on your financial stability and you can fill out an application form online to get a free bond quote for your license. Finally, once you obtain your regulatory license from the state, and submit your business license application to the county’s probate office, you’re now ready to accept your auto-dealer’s license.

Alabama Cannabis and Marijuana License

Marijuana is legal almost in all the states of America. Each state has a different status of cannabis state programs. There are programs with no public access to cannabis in some of the states. In other states, there are CBD / low THC programs or adult use / medical use programs. Before very recent times, in the State of Alabama cannabis had no legalization. And in May 2021, the Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama signed SB 46 into law by legalizing medical marijuana in the state.

Alabama Contractor License

In order to obtain a contractor’s license from the state of Alabama you’re first required to be at least 18 years or older. In order apply for a license you must have a net-worth of at least $10,000, if you’re applying for a prime contractor’s license you must have a certified public accountant. You must also have liability insurance, and have your application and all necessary paperwork to the board at least 30 days before their quarterly meet. The application fees total to around $300, and $200 for renewal the following year. The next step is to take the General Contractor’s Exam, once you pass this exam and submit your application, you’re now ready for licensure.

Alabama Driver License

Thinking about buying a car, but you don’t have an Alabama drivers license, here you can find how to apply for your license. Moreover, you will learn the license classes, and Alabama drivers license renewal process. Or, is it possible to obtain an Alabama drivers license online or not.

For your DL you will need to pass an Alabama drivers license test. Learn how to make an Alabama drivers license test appointment and where is the Alabama drivers license office.

Alabama Engineer License 

In order to obtain your engineering permit and license in the state of Alabama you must first complete a 4-year accredited ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) program in Alabama. Next, you will need at least 4 year of experience working under a Professional engineer or independently as an apprentice. The final step before applying for your engineering license in Alabama is to complete and pass two separate exams, the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and the (PE) exam Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination. Once you’ve passed these exams and completed your application process you’ll wait for your acceptance of licensure and start practicing as an engineer.

Alabama Fishing License

Knowing all the rules and regulations before purchasing a fishing permit and license is a must. Alabama freshwater or saltwater licenses can be purchased either online, from a tackle shop, or from the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. All Alabama fishing licenses must be renewed each year on the 31st of August. Finally once you’ve obtained your license your free to fish across the allowed bodies of water in Alabama.

Alabama Insurance License

In order to obtain an insurance license in Alabama you’ll first need to complete all approved pre-licensing courses and pass the state licensing exam. Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing courses, you must take a certification exam within one year of finishing your pre-licensing courses. Your next step is to pass the actual licensing exam, by paying the fee for the exam and reserving a spot to test at least a week prior. After passing your exam you must submit a background check and fingerprints to the State of Alabama. Finally once you’ve completed all these steps, after passing your exam you must apply for your license through NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry), once you’ve been accepted for licensure you’re now ready to go out and progress in your field.

Alabama License Plate Lookup

To operate your vehicle in the state of Alabama you should get a license plate from the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR). According to state law, if you purchase a new or used vehicle you will have 20 days after the sell date to obtain a license plate. Prior to your car’s registration, it’s obligatory to fill out the application for the certificate of title. You will be exempt from obtaining a title in Alabama if you own:

  • A vehicle that is more than 35 model years old
  • Utility trailers or the trailers that are more than 20 model years old
  • Boats or other types of watercrafts

Alabama Marriage License

Every person should be responsible for making important decisions in his or her life. One of those decisions is marrying. It is a complicated and decisive thing both from the emotional and legal parts.

Each state of the US has its own requirements for getting married, but obtaining a marriage license before getting married is a must for all of them. So, the State of Alabama is not an exception. For solemnizing a marriage ceremony legally and without any penalties it is very essential to get an Alabama marriage license.

Though Alabama does not have strict rules for getting a marriage license, there are still several requirements that the couples must meet. And, the ones who meet those requirements are accepted by the Probate Court.

Alabama Medical and Physician License

To the start the process of obtaining your medical license in Alabama, the first step is to complete all pre-licensing courses and meet all the requirements for licensure. These requirements include completing postgraduate training, medical school, and examination requirements. Once you’ve finished all accredited courses and examinations, you must start the application process to become a licensee. Once you’ve completed the required application and turned it in to the state board, the application will be reviewed by the board and you may check the status of your application online. The ACSC (Alabama Controlled Substance Certificate) will be mailed to you after you have submitted and accepted your application. As a physician who writes prescriptions you’re required to have an ACSC certificate, which you will have to fill a separate application out for. Once you’ve completed both application processes, you’re now ready to practice as a medical physician.

Alabama Nursing License

The process in obtaining a nursing license starts off with submitting an application for licensure which is by endorsement. Next you must pay all associated fees that are required per applicant, after paying the required fee you must provide a valid Social Security number and proof of citizenship. After these steps you must submit a notarized form of your current nursing license. Once you’ve submitted your transcripts to the Alabama Board of Nursing and graduated from a nursing program, if the state offers Nursys certificate program, you must complete the verification before applying for residency and licensure. The final step is to submit all documentation and educational hours and certificates in order to obtain licensure.

Alabama Plumbing License

In the state of Alabama any individual who’d like to perform any type of plumbing must be licensed. There are two types of plumbing licenses in Alabama, a master plumber and a journeyman plumber. Some pre-licensing requirements are to take the journeyman exam and pass it while having two years of work experience. Once you pass the exam, you have exactly 90 days to obtain your certificate. Once you’ve finished taking your journeyman’s exam, you’re now ready for licensure and may renew your plumber’s license every year on the first week of October.

Alabama Real Estate License

To become eligible in Alabama to sell real estate you must first be a U.S. citizen and 19 years or older. You must then show proof of residency in any state of the U.S. and proof of a high school certificate. You must not have your license revoked in any state in the past two years of applying for the license. After meeting the expectations and requirements to become a real estate salesperson, you must now take the licensing examination. Before you take the exam, you must complete an approved 60-hour pre-licensing course. After completing the pre-licensing course you have 6 months to complete and pass the exam. After passing the exam, your final step for licensure is to complete a 30-hour post-licensing course which you must complete within the first twelve months of licensure.

Alabama Teacher License

In order to obtain an educator’s license in Alabama the first step is to finish an approved teacher education program in the state of Alabama. A bachelor’s degree is a requirement in order to further your teaching practice, as well as a GPA of 2.5 or higher. If you wish to gain a teaching certificate in Alabama you must complete and pass two different exams. Candidates who apply for certification must also submit their fingerprints and pass a background check. Finally, after you’ve completed all these steps one of the final steps is to complete your application process for licensure, you must submit all required documents and applications for license verification. Once applicants have submitted their applications, paid all permit and licensee fees, and passed both exams, they’re now ready to accept their educator licenses and start their careers.

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