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Sample Alabama Barber License

Alabama Barber License

There are plenty of job opportunities for those, who hold an Alabama barber license. If you, too, have made up your mind to enter the beauty sphere, we have good news for you. We have broken down every possible stage to go through. So, keep reading and learn about them.

Cosmetology Program

The major of a hairdresser is quite interesting. However, it is also full of risks. Attending appropriate courses helps avoid bad experiences. That is why each specialist has to complete proper training.

So, enroll in accredited training. It should consist of at least 1000 hours. Alternatively, finish an apprenticeship of 2000 hours. It is under the management of a certified specialist. For that, one must be 16 years old. Having tenth-grade education is another precondition.

The classes are available both online and in classroom. It depends on your schedule and preferences. Whatever the method, they all offer excellent instruction. Moreover, they give the opportunity to work on real-life models.

Register with the State

Once you graduate from the program, apply for initial registration. Apply to the Board of Cosmetology. Fill in the application form providing personal data. Then, sign and forward. Do not forget to attach the necessary paperwork.

It will qualify you for taking the upcoming tests.

Required Documents

  • Photo (passport-style, recent, “2×2”)
  • Social Security card (a copy)
  • Current driver’s license
  • Original transcript (and English translation) as proof of schooling


At this point, you are to take the examinations. They are practical and written. Both of them demand a high level of knowledge. Register for them with PSI in advance. Sign in by entering your password. Create an account if this is your first time. Pay the fees of $75.00 and $130.00 respectively.

The first one covers questions about laws, regulations, and barbering. In other words, it is more theoretical.

The second is a demonstration of skills. You will practice on mannequins and show what you know. For example, coloring or styling hair. It is advisable to have your supplies with you. Being that they are scissors, brushes, irons, and so on.

As soon as you pass, you receive a congratulatory letter.

Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery are common locations. You should have signature-bearing identification on the exam day. It has to bear your legal name. Student or employment IDs are not acceptable.

How to Renew the Permit?

It is no surprise that each permit expires. Renew it every two years before your birth month. The fee is $80. There is no CE requirement.

Despite that, it is still essential to study new trends. The industry is constantly changing. Thus, additional courses are of no harm. In addition, hail salons prefer competent employees.


Residents of other states can transfer their certifications. They have to mail reciprocity applications. That costs $100 (non-refundable). Therefore, someone from Arizona is able to move it.

There are some cases when an individual needs to retake some tests.

Contact Information

RSA Union Building
100 North Union Street Suite 324
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 242-1918
Fax: (334) 242-1926

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