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Alabama Marriage License

Nowadays getting married has become a little bit complicated thing. It is because every state in the US has its own requirements for obtaining a marriage license. So, the State of Alabama is not an exception and here also Alabama marriage license is a must before getting married.

What do you need to know about getting a marriage license in Alabama?

Since August 29, 2019, there is no need to file an application for an Alabama marriage license with the county probate court. Moreover, the courts no longer provide Alabama marriage licenses. Instead, people who want to get married must complete an Alabama Marriage Certificate form and deliver it to the probate court for recording.

According to Alabama law, marriage certificates are unrestricted. So, each person who is able to provide enough information to search for the record and properly make the payments may get the marriage certificate.

Alabama marriage certificate forms

In Alabama, there are two different forms of marriage certificates. The first one is for adults and the second for minors.

People under the age of 18, but at least 16 years old and not married before can still marry in Alabama. They just need consent from parents or guardians. The parent(s) or guardian(s) of the minors must complete the page entitled “Affidavit of Consent for Marriage of a Minor.” The applicants must present their marriage form and the Affidavit of Consent together to the probate court for recording. Unlike the certificates of adults, the final marriage certificates of minors must be a two-page document.

People who want to remarry after their divorce may have several problems connected to certain circumstances. For that, they must consult their divorce decree for guidance. They can also contact their legal representative or the court which issued the divorce decree.

The requirements for Alabama marriage certificate forms

Even people who are residents of a foreign country can marry in Alabama. But they need to meet the eligibility criteria of the marriage certificate form and properly complete the Alabama marriage certificate.

People who live in another state should complete the name of their state, province, or territory of the country in the Residence County field on the certificate form. They should also enter the name of the foreign country in the Residence State field. If the Social Security Administration has never assigned a Social Security Number to an individual, he or she should leave that field blank.

What paperwork do you need to get married in Alabama?

As we have already mentioned people who are 18 years old and older have the right to marry in Alabama. However, the ones who are less than 18 years old, but at least 16 years old have some privileges. But, anyway, all of the applicants must provide documentation that will show their real age, ID, and other requested information.

When applying for an Alabama marriage license, there is certain documentation you should take with you:

  • ID Requirements
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Apostille and Exemplified Copies

 How much is a marriage license in Alabama?

The fee for the Alabama marriage license is $73. It includes one certified copy. Both parties must pay the fee after completing and notarizing the application form. The fee should be paid either in person, by mail, or by a third party to the Probate Office for recording within 30 calendar days.

The Probate Court accepts only the forms which are legible and when both parties provide all the required information. The Court does not accept forms containing white-out or other marks.

How to apply for a marriage license online in Alabama?

People who want to apply for an Alabama marriage license online may visit the Alabama Department of Public Health’s website.

Here they can complete an online application form and find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Alabama marriage law.

Personalized and Registry Ceremonies

When you complete an online application form, you should choose the type of your marriage ceremony. It may be either a personalized or a registry ceremony.

As for the personalized ceremony, the fee for the license is $150. You and your spouse can have the ceremony where you both agree. In this ceremony, you can write your own vows.

Usually, registry ceremonies are done with a celebrant only during weekdays excluding public holidays. The license for the registry ceremony is $150. However, you should pay an additional fee of $90 to the celebrant on your ceremony day. Registry ceremonies take about 30 minutes. You should use standard vows.

How to find marriage license records online in Alabama?

Mainly all counties in Alabama currently provide a certified copy of the marriage certificate to couples. After recording the marriage certificate, the court forwards the original certificate to the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Center for Health Statistics. Once the Center for Health Statistics receives and files the original certificate, people may request certified copies of their certificates through that office.

For more information on Alabama marriage records check in at The National Center for Health Statistics.

If you choose to make your request in the office, you may pay by additional payment options of cash or credit card. Try to make your order payable to the Judge of Probate. After completing an online request form, mail it to the following address:

Judge of Probate
Marriage Section
PO Box 459
Bay Minette, AL 36507-0459

The information you need to fill out

Here is the information you need to fill out to get a certified copy of the marriage certificate:

  • Full names of both spouses
  • Date of marriage
  • The county which issued the marriage license
  • Your name and signature
  • A return address (your email and phone number)

The cost for a certified copy

You should pay $15 to search for an Alabama marriage certificate. It includes one certified copy of the marriage certificate or a “Certificate of Failure to Find.” If you order any additional copy of the certificate at the same time, you should pay an additional fee of $6. Fees for copies are non-refundable. If you need to expedite the service, you should pay an additional fee.

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