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Sample Alabama Security License

Alabama Security License

Since you need an Alabama security guard license, you would not want to miss a step in the process. That is why we are here to help you. You can find relevant info pertaining to resident licensure below.

Initial Preconditions

Above all, a candidate ought to comply with some demands. They are:

  • Being at least 18 years of age
  • Having a lawful presence in the United States
  • Maintaining a clear criminal record
  • Receiving proper instruction

Alabama Security Guard License Requirements

To begin with, you need to address some requirements. Without them, it would be impossible to qualify for the permit. You might also meet similar demands in the state of Colorado.

Necessary Training

As shown above, completing the required training is mandatory. Before going for it, you should consider the permit type. In other words, you should decide whether you want to be an armed or unarmed guard. That can greatly influence the number of compulsory classes.

  1. So, for the first one, you have to complete 14 hours of instruction. A qualifying course covers a section of the whole procedure.
  2. In like manner, the second type involves eight hours of basic teaching. It touches on essential topics. For example, legal information, crisis management, and tool employment are included.

Note to buy the lessons from a certified instructor. Approved courses are the key.

Background Check

Every officer is expected to provide his/her fingerprints. They initiate the background check operation. You must not have any convictions or offenses. Finding any unlawful deeds brings a negative impact. Furthermore, that could disqualify you for the desired position. The period sometimes even reaches ten years.

The service will cost you $41.50. You can pay by money order or check. In addition, make the payment payable to the BI (Bureau of Investigation).


Each applicant ought to do some exams, too. So, there are drug and written tests. They constitute the licensing practice. The former is to assure you do not have addictions. The latter is to assess your knowledge of the aforementioned topics.


The Security Regulatory Board (ASRB) takes responsibility for issuing permits. So, you should submit the application to the given body.

Firstly, fill in the appropriate form. Secondly, answer all the questions correctly. Do not leave out any important details. In addition, attach the fingerprint results. Once ready, mail the completed form.

The fee is $25.


No Board will review your request without the required paperwork. Make sure you present:

  • Valid ID
  • Two passport-style photos
  • Current Driver’s license
  • SSN

Alabama Security License Renewal and Continuing Education

Once you reach your goal, you should renew the authorization period. It is good for two calendar years. There are imperative hours of continuing education. See to it that you finish them prior to the expiration date.

You pay $25 for each renewal.

Mailing Address

610 S. McDonough Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

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